Tibetans Jailed for Links to Self Immolation Released


Dolma Tso, 33, mother of a 14-year old daughter, who was jailed in 2013 for her alleged involvement in the self-immolation of Kunchok Tsetan, was released on the evening of December 4 after serving a three-year prison sentence.

Kunchok Lodoe, who was also jailed for his alleged involvement in the self-immolation of Tsetan, was released on the same day after serving his prison term of three years.

Meu Kungam, the brother of Dolma Tso, who resides in Australia tells VOA that his sister was a healthy 30 year old prior to her sentencing and since being released from the prison, suffers from constant headaches and is in a frail physical condition. The condition of Kunchok Lodoe is currently unclear.

They were detained three years ago along with ten other Tibetans for stopping the Chinese authorities from confiscating the charred body of the Tibetan self immolator Konchok Tsetan, who later succumbed to his injuries.

In another news from Tibet, a Chinese court in Barkham, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province sentenced a group of 10 Tibetan monks, laymen, and women to a prison term of five to fourteen years.