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New York City’s Lhakar Group On CBS Television

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The US based CBS news channel interviewed New York’s Mimang Lhakar on the significance of Lhakar (White Wednesday) and the cultural preservation activities organized by its members.

New York’s Mimang Lhakar, which was founded in 2013 as a grassroots initiative to preserve Tibetan culture, language, and religion performed a traditional Tibetan dance for the news channel.

Led by a number of board members, the group organizes programs every Wednesday in different areas of the city, such as Tibetan song and dance practices, language and spoken Tibetan practice, religious teachings, and introduction of traditional Tibetan holidays and festivals.

Tenzin Gonpo, one of the founding members of this initiative tells VOA that the group educates the local Tibetans and its western audiences on the values of Tibetan cultural identity and the richness of Tibetan tradition.

Dolkar Lhamo says that her spoken Tibetan has improved over the years because of her constant participation in the initiative.