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'There Will be Two or Three Final Candidates for Sikyong 2016,' says Election Commission


Dharamsala based Election Commission has issued a press statement a day after the preliminary election stating that they will announce two candidates for the final round of Sikyong, Prime Minister Election of the Central Tibetan Administration.

That, however, comes with an exception, which is if the margin between the second and the third candidate is less than 20 percent, EC will announce three candidates instead of two for the final election.

In an interview with Shosur Sonam Choephel, Chief Election Commissioner, he said that the local election commissioners are allowed to announce the result within twenty four hours of the counting completion. He added that the overall programs in the preliminary election went smoothly, except for a fight incident that occurred at a voting booth in South India.

TCHRD and ICT had invited two independent election observation groups for the 18th Election, and held a press conference where they shared their views and recommendations on improving the 'borderless election'.