Police Violence At Cultural Festival In Kham Nangchen

Police Violence At Cultural Festival In Kham Nangchen
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Kunleng discusses the recent unprovoked beatings and hospitalization of people in Kham Nangchen by armed Chinese police for what appears to be reluctance on the part of the local community to comply with orders to wear fur clothing and display gaiety as a show of disrespect to the Dalai Lama.

According to Tibetan sources, Chinese authorities in Nangchen County, Yushu Prefecture, issued a directive enforcing the Tibetans to perform traditional dances wearing expensive costumes and ornaments, as part of the annual Armed Force Day celebration on August 1, 2015.

The directive did not go smoothly with the Tibetans who suspected that the Chinese authorities have ulterior motives to portray a false image of prosperity and happiness. During the third day of the festivities, Chinese armed police threatened several innocent Tibetans with guns.

The day following the threatening, Chinese police clamped down on the Tibetans, beating them with electric batons and seriously injuring many, while saying they are not happy with the facial expressions of the Tibetans during festival. The injured were taken to Nangchen County hospital, where some are said to be in critical conditions.

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