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India's New Government May Change Their Stand on Tibet


Professor Kuldip Chand Agnihotri, Vice Chancellor of the Central University of Himachal Pradesh, Shahpur, said that the new government of India headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi may change its stand on Tibet.

“India has sent several messages to the Chinese government regarding its stand on Tibet, saying that Tibet is a disputed area. Although it has not been clearly stated that Tibet is not a part of China, the message has reached China and has created concern that India may change its stand on Tibet,” says Professor Agnihotri while speaking to the delegates of Bharat-Tibbat Sahyog Manch (BTSM) on the closing ceremony of their general body meeting held at TCV Youth Hostel, Rohini, Delhi on May 8, 2015.

Professor Agnihotri is an eminent Hindi scholar having links with RSS. The ruling party of India, BJP is regarded as the political wing of RSS.

Before the meeting, a seminar was also held at the Delhi University on “India’s New Foreign Policy and Question of Tibet”. The Women’s Wing of BTSM held a separate meeting and adopted a resolution to start a campaign to boycott Chinese goods starting from 6th July, 2015 during the birthday of the Dalai Lama.

The Delhi Representative of the Home Department of Central Tibetan Administration, Mr. Lakey Dorjee and the leader of Samyeling Tibetan Colony in Delhi, Mr.Karten Tsering offered traditional Tibetan scarves to all the guests and participants, who were members of the North India chapters of BTSM including Bakshi Singh, Legislative Member of Assembly, Haryana State.