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Tibetans Discuss China’s White Paper

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Recently China’s State Council Information Office has released yet another White Paper on Tibet called “Tibet’s Path of Development Is Driven by an Irresistible Historical Tide”. This is the 13th such document issued on Tibet since 1990s and the first one after Xi Jinping assumed China's leadership. In the latest document, China has launched a scathing attack on exile Tibetan administration’s Middle Way policy, which seeks genuine autonomy for all Tibetan within the framework of China’s constitution and blamed the failures of the past talks between the representatives of Dalai Lama and China on the insincerity on the part of Dalai Lama and his representatives. The paper says "As a political strategy for achieving independence through a series of steps, the “middle way” does not tally with China’s history, national reality, state Constitution, laws and basic systems. Neither does it conform to Tibet’s history, reality and ethnic relations. Moreover, it runs counter to the fundamental interests of all the people of China, including the Tibetans. " This week's Table Talk discusses some of the major components of this new document. Guests: Tashi Phuntsok, Spokesperson of CTA and Baba Kalsang Gyaltsen, China Analyst.