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Amnye Machen in Dharamsala Honors Tibetologist Sperling


The Amnye Machen Institute of the Tibetan Center for Advanced Studies based in Dharamsala, northern India launched a book, 'Trails of the Tibetan Tradition' to acknowledge and honor the work of Professor Elliot Sperling on February 23, 2015.

The book launch held at the hotel Tibet conference hall in the town of Mcleod Ganj was attended by over fifty Tibetan scholars and intellectuals.

Elliot Sperling, Associate Professor of Central Eurasian Studies and expert on the history of Tibet and Tibetan-Chinese relations at the Indiana University has dedicated much of his life studying Tibet. When asked how he felt about the acknowledgement, Sperling said the friendship he has received from fellow Tibetologist in itself is a big honor and that he is excited to go through the book.

Tashi Tsering, Director of Amnye Machen Institute expressed his gratitude for Sperling's continuous work in the research field of Tibetan history and politics.

Amnye Machen releases a book in honor of Prof Elliot Sperling
Amnye Machen releases a book in honor of Prof Elliot Sperling

Dr. Roberto Vitali, an Italian Tibetologist, who is the editor of the book also believes in the importance of recognizing and appreciating Sperling for his work.

The book containing 591 pages features research findings on politics, history, medicine, and language from 31 scholars of 10 different countries.