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Talk to China on Tibet Plateau Not Border: Retired Army General


Major General (Retired) Vinod Saighal said India should talk to China on issues regarding the Tibet plateau and not on border issue.

Border issue is implanted on Indian minds by China to divert the real issues that concerns India the most.

"From now on, it is my suggestion that when we engage the Chinese hereafter, we talk of the Tibetan plateau and its effects on coming generations of Indians," says Gen. Saighal while speaking on "Rolling Back the Chinese Juggernaut" a talk organized by Tibetan Parliamentary Policy Research Centre and ECO Monitors Society at India International Centre on August 22, 2014.

He also said that in the coming year, the present Indian government and the people of India will celebrate the 80th birth anniversary of the Dalai Lama and will confer honor on a scale that the world will note.