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33rd Kalachakra Ladakh Youth Volunteers

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Interview with Delhi College student, Rigzin Palgon, who headed the Student Volunteers Groups at the just-concluded Kalachakra in Ladakh, India. Palgon said that over six hundred college students from four major Indian cities volunteered to serve the over 160,000 participants of the 33rd Kalachakra bestowed by the Dalai Lama in remote Ladakh, India. He said that the student groups handled all the registration, information sharing, care of the elderly, as well as helping with donation collection, security, and reception. The young volunteers’ service was well received by the public, and the Dalai Lama personally commented that their service enabled the large congregation to receive the Kalachakra more comfortably and conveniently. Palgon further added that he felt most grateful to be a part of this rare event.