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Cilantro Removes Lead Poison from Drinking Water

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American Chemical Society said researchers from the United States and Mexico found cilantro to be the most effective plant to remove lead and nickel from polluted water. The research team was led by Douglas Schauer of Ivy Tech Community College in Lafayette, Indiana. He explained Healthy Lifestyle of VOA that he and his team tested many different types of weeds, flowers and plants. “It so happened that both cilantro and dandelion are the big winners,” Dr. Schauer says. Regarding how much and how long you leave cilantro in the water, he said roughly about a handful of cilantros in a pitcher of water and leave it for 45 minutes to an hour. However, people should not misunderstand that cilantro doesn’t purify everything besides lead and nickel poisons. It does not remove the microbiome, which typically makes people sick, from the water.