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Mentsekhang College in Dharamsala Celebrates 53rd Anniversary

Mentsekhang College Celebrates 53rd Anniversary
Mentsekhang College Celebrates 53rd Anniversary

The College of Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute based in Dharamsala, North India marked its 53rd founding anniversary at Gangchen Kyishong on June 2, 2014 by paying tribute to the Dalai Lama for his life time achievement and sacrifices for the Tibetan people.

At the function, the 29 graduates, 5 in Astrology and 24 in Medicine were confered Ka-Chupa certificates to recognize the 6 years studies, where 13 passed out with Menramba degree, which is confered upon passing an exam for those with ten years experiences after Ka-chuba.

The anniversary function was attended by chief guest Mr. Tsering Wangchuk, Kalon for the Department of Health, Central Tibetan Administration and special guest Mr. Penpa Tsering, Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile.

Speaking at the function, Speaker Penpa Tsering praised the college of Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute for dedicating the occasion to the Dalai Lama, however, the best way to pay tribute is by acting on his guidance, he further added.

Mr. Tsering Wangchuk, the minister of health while delivering the chief guest's speech lauded TMAI for the achievements in the last 50 years and talked about the universal medical ethics that Tibetan doctors need to imbibe in their practice to develop their professional skills.

The College of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology (Men-Tsee College) was incepted on 2 June 1961 by the Dalai Lama with over 296 Tibetan medical practitioners and 53 Tibetan astrologers who graduated from the insititution.