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Writer Gartse Jigme Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Gartse Jigme
Gartse Jigme

Gartse Jigme, a writer in his 30s was sentenced to five years in prison yesterday at Tsekhog county in Malho perfecture.

In January, Gartse township authorities arrested Jigme for expressing strong political viewpoints in the second volume of his book Tsenpoi Nyingtob (The Warrior's Courage, Vol-2) which contained 25-chapters focusing on issues such as self-immolation, minority rights, Tibetan government-in-exile and the Dalai Lama.

Gartse Jigme was born in Gartse Township in Rebkong county of Malho prefecture and is a monk of Gartse monastery.He started writing in the late 1990s and has received several awards for his contemporary writings.

He released his first collection of essays called “bsam bzhigs nyul ba'i zin tho” (Diary of wandering thoughts) and authored Tsenpoi Nyingtob (The Warriors' Courage, Vol-1) published in 2008.