New Delhi China Embassy Hinders Tibetan Parliamentary Delegation

The Speaker of the exile Tibetan Parliament, Penpa Tsering, accused the New Delhi Chinese embassy of lobbying foreign missions in the Indian capital to not meet with the Tibetan Parliamentary delegation.

The Parliamentary group has been visiting embassies and missions in order to highlight the repression and tension on the Tibetan plateau. "They have sent their staff to foreign embassies with a letter telling not to meet our delegation and to ignore us. In the beginning of this year also, they tried to create same problem to our delegation by writing letters not to meet us," said Speaker Penpa Tsering while addressing a press conference held at the Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in New Delhi.

The Chinese embassy’s efforts to discourage foreign missions from meeting with the representatives of the Tibetan people appeared not to met with success as the five-member Tibetan delegation led by the Speaker Penpa Tsering and Geshi Lobsang Nyendak visited 23 foreign embassies.

The Tibetan delegation was tasked with meeting diplomats and discussing the grim situation inside Tibet which has resulted in over 50 self-immolations taking place over the last two years.