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Tibetans in Dharamsala Discuss State of Tibetan Language

Tibetan panel speakers discuss Tibetan language
Tibetan panel speakers discuss Tibetan language
Tibetans Language Commitee in Dharamsala hosted a panel discussion Sunday on the use of Tibetan language in everyday life. Nine diverse speakers that included students, teachers, activists, and parents spoke at the event about the state of Tibetan language usage in diaspora.

Panels raised concerns about poor use of language by teachers in classroom settings and by parents in raising their children. Dorje Tsetan, a Tibetan activist, praised efforts by youngTibetan college graduates from the west who he said are currently learning Tibetan alphabets in Dharamsala.

Arik Gyurmey, event organizer spoke about the importance of such discussions for preservation and promotion of Tibetan language.

Tibetan Language Committee is a branch organization of Yumkyad Chekyong Lhantsok, a body based in Tibet in preserving Tibetan language, with nearly 2, 00,000 members worldwide.